Managing our own finances

In today’s society, we are getting use to hiring out jobs. We get so accustomed to having others do things for us, because it saves us time, and sometimes we believe that others can do it better than ourselves. Well this article discusses that we need to be more involved in our own finances, and rely on ourselves more than financial planners. The author goes through some ways of going about helping ourselves with personal finances, and if needed how to get professional help. I think that if we do take more responsibility of our own finances then we Americans will be able to start saving.


Nick said...

I think that for the most part most people take care of their own finances. I don't think that it is a bad idea to have someone help you if you need and want the help.

The Insane Realist said...

I think the problem is most people are too busy working to take care of their own finances because they are being squeezed eternally by cheap offshore labour and by corporate culture to work more hours.

That and the school system is so uneven, many kids get no financial training at all. So it's small wonder as adults they have no clue about how to manage or invest money.

Rex said...

I think, for the most part, people are taking care of their personal finances. Many look to professionals for the larger decisions in life like doing taxes but fend for themselves when balancing their checkbooks.

As a nation I believe the students should be offered more financial training while they are in high school. This would help them to understand how important it is to keep their finances in check at an early age.

salty said...

I think that most people try to take care of their finances, but lack the capability or the discipline to actually do it. It's better to have someone who knows how to do than to do it blindly.

Dr. Tufte said...

I think Salty probably says it best. I think that finances are one of those areas where people's self-evaluation of their own skill is out of whack with reality.

Having said that, I'm guilty of that problem, and have cut corners on understanding where my money is going - so there may be some more pernicious aspect of human nature, since I should know better.