Beef, will we still be able to eat it for dinner?

Now there is a controversy on the condition of the cow before it is slaughtered for human consumption. The debate is if it is safe to slaughter a cow for human consumption if the cow was injured previous to death. Before the debate, it was not allowed. Many consumer groups are opposed to the ratification of injured cows passing inspections. With these kinds of pressures, what kinds of incentives will these leave ranchers to continue ranching? I think that there is too much of a demand in beef, and these frivolous debates will hold little pressure. Last time there was a mad cow scare few people stopped eating beef. What are your thoughts on the matter?


trudy said...

Beef is whats for dinner regardless if it was injured or not. I believe that if they were to force some sort of law regulating the slaughtering and sale of injured cows the farmes would find a way around it. Some form of cover up would be invented and we would continue to eat the injured beef, just at a higher price.

Dr. Tufte said...

-1 on Trudy's comment for grammatical errors.

This is a more serious issue than it looks. "Downers" are cows that are not just injured - they are sick or diseased in a serious enough way that they are having difficulty functioning. I'm sympathetic to ranchers, but this is probably an area where we have to bite the bullet and accept some price increases.