Pork: Your tax dollars at work

With the US being in a state of war, some projects that would otherwise be denied are finding their way into the 2005 fiscal budget. The strategy behind placing these projects on the budget while the country is at war is the President will have to pass the budget if he wants to fund the war.


June said...

Maybe I should have read the budget, but what does pork have to do with anything? I imagine that the federal government always has items in the budget which are really not necessary.

June said...

I actually read the article after making the previous comment, and it seems that the name for unnecessary spending in the federal budget is "pork". And from what the linked article says, there is a lot of it this year. Well, pork is the other white meat. I bet the districts to which this "pork" money is going are in hog heaven. Hey, if congress decided to cut out this unnecessary spending would they call it pork chops?

Dr. Tufte said...

-1 on June's 2nd comment for a capitalization error.

This is standard politics in Congress. It's sad but true.