What's the threat?

As I was reading a blog today, I was immediately drawn to the blogger's comments regarding Thomas Friedman's ideas. I was especially interested because I am currently reading Friedman's book "The World Is Flat", and have been very impressed by his thoughts and observations thus far into my reading. However, in the blog I read today, the blogger clearly felt different than I did about Friedman. The blogger seems to take issue with Friedman's position that Bush should take more serious measures to become less oil dependent, and more alternative energy efficient. I read the link that was included in the blog and again found Friedman's viewpoints favorable. Friedman has a very valid point. The U.S. needs to shift its priorities, most notably by scratching off foreign oil dependency. The government needs to start being a little more proactive, and innovative. If money is the issue, perhaps simplifiying the tax code, wasteful paperwork, or never ending supply of red tape could help them funnel in some more funds. Besides, what could yield this nation a greater return than new knowledge, and technology in the ever growing energy arena?


Myspace or Big Companies Space?

So, have you logged into your myspace account today? Myspace is the ultimate networking platform for everyone these days and has reunited old friends and has lowered the single-dater’s “hook up” costs and has increased his or her benefits. Just with the click of the good ol mouse you have millions of people at your very fingertips. This invention has been a huge success to say the least, but as always when something gets too big it is target for a takeover from someone bigger. In a recent article from Newsweek it explains that AOL is looking to buy out this exciting new “internet connecter”. In this competitive world it’s exciting to see things like myspace come around, but does this creative spirit that comes along with competition hindered by big and rich companies buying them out? Or does it increase these small companies capital and take them to a whole new level?


Woman with a Cause

As I was reading a blog this morning, I came across an amazing article. As I started to read, I was shocked to find out that a woman left an estate worth over $1.1 million to good ol' Uncle Sam for the sole purpose of shrinking the nation's muti-trillion dollar debt! While I don't think I would have done it, I admire her generosity, and cause. While national leaders are allowing the national debt to pile up with no end in sight, it is comforting, and reassuring to know that there are still fiscally responsible citizens in the world! I respect this woman because she obviously believed that the US should be operating in the black, and she didn't have to say a word, her money undoubtedly did all the talking! While her huge contribution will only make a dent in this country's level of debt, her conviction will leave massive impressions in all that hear her story.


Start of a New Semester

It's the start of the Spring semester, and this time around we have an M.B.A. level Managerial Economics class.