More and More Outsourcing

I recently read an article stating that the United Kingdom just passed the United States and became the leading national market for outsourcing, click here to read more. I also came across another article stating that India’s second largest outsourcing has grown 50% last year from reporting revenues $1.1 million a year ago, to its most recent fiscal year ending on March 31, of $1.6 million. Click here if you want to read more about this article. The global economy is growing and its participants are sophisticated enough to embrace outsourcing and if the United States can’t let go of these hang-ups we have about outsourcing we could lose our global position.


Diane said...

Business has gone the way of globalization. Outsourcing is part of this trend. The U.S. must outsource in order to remain a global competitor. I also think the U.S. should develop other ways of remaining competitive. Our education system is substandard to those of other countries. If we do not raise the bar will be no longer be able to compete in the service industry?

Dr. Tufte said...

-2 on Vincent's post for multiple grammatical errors.

I don't think the people who make decisions about outsourcing in the U.S. have any hangups. I genuinely think this is an issue dreamed up by people who are not in a position to make those decisions - namely the legacy media. Outsourcing is nothing more than free trade with a different name.