JUST SAY NO!...To Credit...

It seems like every time you go into a store, you are inevitably asked if you would like to receive a wonderful store credit card...and after a while, sales clerks can become very pressuring, and that's why this credit article was so appealing to me. The author of this article basically highlighted that while many stores can lure you into getting credit from them, it is often at your expense, and their gain. So what if you can save _%? You still have to pay that purchase back, and if it's late, you'll have to cough up hefty interest charges. I don't like this tactic, because many young people can be attracted to upfront discounts, etc., but truly have no business getting a credit card. It's amazing, who they'll extend credit to! I can't stress enough how important it is to spend less than you make. It is a simple, universal principle that will help you attain things that money can't buy...freedom, security, and peace of mind!


Should people be more open with their finances?

Today I read an article that basically challenged people to be more open with what they disclose about their money. I have to say that while the author had some valid points, I am more partial to keeping my finances to myself, however, when it comes to my immediate trusted family members, I would make an exception. Despite being a little more cautious with what I freely share regarding my finances, I agree with the author in that I believe parents should be open about money matters from the start. My parents were always very open with me regarding finances, and how to save, etc., and I think I have greatly benefitted from their counsel. In fact, I think it is every parent's responsibility to teach their children sound financial methods, because in the long run, everyone makes up a piece of the economy, and if we are better informed, we will be better contributors to our globe's overall financial system.


Job Market in the U.S. is Picking Up

Despite all of the recent natural disasters that have struck this great land, Americans are once again proving how resilient they are by heading back to work. In fact this job article emphasized that since November, hundred of thousands of jobs have emerged! I think that this is wonderful! I believe this shows how strong our citizens are, and proves that our economy is efficient enough to bounce back from tragic situations, and though hard, people are attempting to rebuild their lives, and spirits. When I read things like this, I gain more and more confidence in the U.S.' ability to overcome catastrophies, and I am thankful to live in such an incredible nation!

Serious Problem With Youth Unemployment Throughout Africa

I came across an article today that really opened my eyes. The unemployment article article that I read highlighted issues surrounding African's lack employment among its young people. According to the article, Well over half of Africa's poulation is made up of people younger than 25, with 3/4 of the population jobless who are younger than 30! It is no wonder that Africa's economy is suffering so much. With limited opportunity, and propects for prosperity, many young people are attempting to uproot to more western regions, in the hopes of finding work. It seems amazing to me that in 2005 such conditions exist. Sadly, however, much of the poverty and corruption that people face in Africa is more the more the norm than not throughout the world.


Uncle Sam needs to work on the national deficit

While the effects of individual debt can be quite overwhelming, consider a nation buckled down by trillions of dollars in debt, and the potential for disaster. What I find amazing is our country's level of debt, and seemingly unstoppable trend driving it up. Alan Greenspan also recognizes the potential hazards of such a deficit in a Yahoo article, and voices his concerns over the the future for our country in terms of its retired citizens, and overall methods of trading, etc. While I am thankful to live in a country with as many wonderful freedoms and opportunities as the United States, I believe that they need to reevaluate their financial status. I wonder at what point will the government find it noble to trim spending, and drive down the deficit? It seems like there is no limit to their spending, and the deficit will just keep eternally growing, which is upsetting to me. The economy can remain viable and thriving even when we pay off our national deficit, and is it my hope that this type of mentality might trickle down from the white house, to the local city leaders who insist on spending more and more money that we don't have to spend.

What's up with Xbox?

As I was home over this past Thanksgiving break, all the rage was surrounding the release of the new Microsoft Xbox 360 game system, and while there was a lot of hype, many hopefuls went home empty handed due to Microsoft's limited supply of systems. Today I read an article from the BBC news commenting on all the craziness that occurred today for the UK's release of the the new Xbox. Similar to the U.S., excited Xbox fans waited hours for the chance to get a system. The article also commented on something that I had noticed when I was home for the holidays, which was the amazing markups of the new system on Ebay, etc. When I was home, people were bidding on a new Xbox for well over $1200! To me, it was crazy that someone would put up that kind of money, for a game system, but it also got me wondering, why was Microsoft being so limited in the number of systems they were distributing? As I think about it now, I am wondering if they are trying to artificially drive up demand. I mean, what's their strategy? To me, it remains a true mystery!