Who Makes The BMW X3

I was surprised to see who actually makes the BMW X3 and also where. After reading This Is Not A BMW Plant, I found out that BMW outsources this to Magna Steyr. Magna is a big canadian auto-parts maker with a plant in Graz, Austria. It is in this plant that The BMW X3 is actually built. I always thought we outsourced our vehicels to Japan.


sierra said...

This article was very interesting to me as well because I am a BMW fan and I didn't know that they were outsourcing some of their cars to Austria. I also thought that Japan was about the only placed US car companies shipped their products, but I guess the car industry is getting even bigger. After reading this article, don't be surprised if other companies start outsourcing their product to other countries.

Dr. Tufte said...

-1 on Sam's post for spelling errors.

Since when do people think that BMW is an American car. So, a German company licenses production to a Canadian company that outsources the job to Austria, for sale in the U.S. No one would come up with such a Rube Goldberg scheme unless it allowed them to sell for less, and that's a good thing.

carter said...

Dr Tufte,
I love outsourcing it makes things cheaper.

Dr. Tufte said...

-1 on Carter for a punctuation error.