Toyota Prius

Even though there are many hybrid cars on the road, the Toyota prius is taking up a large share of total sales. These gas/electric automobiles are being purchased, new and used, for more than the sticker price. With the gas prices rising with no end in sight, more people are willing to face sticker shock than gas pump shock.


June said...

I think that hybrid cars are the future of transportation. We will all have to become more conservative at some point. I think it will be a good advancement if these ever do take over the automobile market.

trudy said...

I think that this is the only change that will come from the gas price increases. We will start looking for other means of transportation. For many the bus or subway isn't possible (where is the bus in Cedar), so the trend will be to look for different ways to fuel your personal vehicle.

Dr. Tufte said...

I posted about hybrids a few times earlier this semester.

Once again for June though: hybrids don't pollute less. What they do is produce less pollution at the point of final use. The pollution is just created in a different location.