McDonalds raising the bar

McDonald’s is going to send more employees to Hamburger University. McDonald’s stated to have consistency in their products around the world you have to have consistency in training as well. They feel that the lack of consistent training has been leading to some down sales over the past few years. In addition McDonald’s looks at high turnover rates as well. High turnover leads to additional inconsistency training that doesn’t give the customer the experience that McDonald’s want the customer always leaving with. I wander where this idea of viewing McDonalds as just as a legit of a job as any other will work. McDonalds want to try to change the mind frame of their employees. I also thought it was interesting how they stated that the reason some fast food restaurants pay so low is because of this high turnover. How do you think that these changes will affect McDonalds, or will it?


Rex said...

It can be very costly to be continually hiring and training new people. If McDonalds is able to hire new people, train them, and keep them then they maybe able to offer higher wages. I do not think this alone will change the average person’s perception of McDonalds. They need to boost customer service and the cleanliness of their facilities.

Dr. Tufte said...

-1 on Marie's post for spelling errors.

Investment in employees is an unusual thing. It says two things. First, that the employees need more specific training. Secondly, that the alternative of paying workers more to get higher quality labor isn't working. The latter does not say much for worker quality.

Note that McDonalds is also investing in skills that are specific to a job at McDonalds. They are probably being careful not to offer skills that the employees can take elsewhere.

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