Postage Stamp-sized Phone? Maybe

Do you think that it would be possible for a cell phone to be the size of a stamp? That is what Motorola plans to create by the year 2007. That to me is just plain crazy, how are you even going to be able to hear, or dial numbers. But anything is possible with technology today it is crazy how everything is so high tech. Some are even saying that it could just hang on a string off your neck like a necklace. So what are your feelings on the stamp sized cell phone will it really work?


trudy said...

I don't think that the phone will work, but if you would have told me ten years ago that we would have a phone the size of a wallet I wouldn't have believed it. Technology is thriving off an economy that is driven by trends.

Jane said...

I'm sure they'll make it, I'm sure it'll work, and I'm sure I will not be buying one until I have no other option. As it is, I can't keep track of my keys which, as it stands, are about twice the size of my current cell phone. :-) Technology is amazing to me and as long as people continue to want smaller, faster and more efficient technology, they'll continue to develop just that.

Dr. Tufte said...

They are already experimenting on things like this on the Dartmouth campus. They're very much like the communicators mounted on uniforms in Star Trek: The Next Generation.

So, start thinking about how you want your phone to look on you as an accessory - necklace, or watch?