Staples to Copy

Staples, the office-supply chain, will allow citizens in four large cities to make free copies of their tax documents on April 15th. While the company says it is performing the service as an act of volunteerism, I believe they are receiving great advertisement. Not only is there name being broadcasted across the media, but they are also giving potential customers a great experience that may entice them to choose Staples as their source for business supplies. This management decision has already helped boost stock prices, and will probably help increase revenue as well.


Fred said...

I think that is good of Staples. They are utilizing customer's needs and gaining advertisement in the process. It is a good idea, especially during the tax deadline.

Diane said...

If it gets potential customers into the store it's a good thing. Many grocery stores use the same marketing tactic by placing banks inside. I know if I need to go banking I will usually chose a store with my bank in it thinking I might as well do some shopping too.

Dr. Tufte said...

This is a loss leader, and is discussed in Chapter 11 of the Salvatore text.