Aspirin and the FDA

Do you think that if Aspirin was invented today that there would be no problems with it. Or do you think that it would be looked at and taken off the market like Vioxx, and Bextra. That is a very interesting question because do you really think that they are that safe or it has been around for so long that they don’t want to mess with it. I personally think that it is not the safest drug but its better than nothing.


Jim said...

Perhaps I have a little more faith in the drug people than you, I don't know. However, I feel that Vioxx or Bextra are trying to factor out everything else and only do one particular thing. Aspirin on the other hand can be taken if you have an ache anyone on your body. Perhaps that is why Aspirin is still around and others are not.

Vincent said...

I agree with a little of what the author of this blog said. I think if you eat healthy and stay active you will not have to rely on certain medications but aspirin does benefit allot of people and as long as it is used in moderation the benefits far out way the costs.

Dr. Tufte said...

-1 on Harry's post for grammatical errors.

I am certain that aspirin would be banned by the FDA if it was a new drug. The level of risk aversion is very high there, and aspirin has known side effects. You have to realize that they are banning things for which there are no clinically proven side effects (like silicone breast implants - even though every other kind of silicone implant is still legal).