“Anna Ayala's claim that she bit down on the finger in a mouthful of her steamy stew on March 22 initially drew sympathy. But when police and health officials failed to find any missing digits among the workers involved in the restaurant's supply chain, suspicion fell on Ayala, and her story has become a late-night punch line.” -Follow That Finger: Wendy's Doubles Reward for Information

The reason police and Wendy’s suspect foul intention is the litigious history of Ayala. She has personally filed several lawsuits against corporations including General Motors and El Pollo Loco.

Wendy’s has now doubled the reward money to $100,000. The economic side of this story is the monetary damage a case like this has had on Wendy’s. People are scared to find the last four fingers in their chili and have turned to substitute goods leaving Wendy’s short on green.


Mack said...

It really is sad that people choose to pursue economic ventures that hurt other people.

Fred said...

I saw on the news last night that there was a woman who claimed that the missing finger was hers.

Her finger was bitten off by a leapord just a short time before and after being rushed to the hospital, the doctors said they could not put the finger back on. Well, the lab where the finger should have ended up after being bitten off says they never received it. Supposedly, the manicured fingernail and the teeth marks are the identifiers of this finger to the woman.

So the question is, if this was the case, how in the world would this bitten-off finger end up in California in a woman's bowl of chili?

Rex said...

I agree with Mack, it makes me sick to think of what some people will do for a buck. They don’t stop to think about what it will cost the society in the long run. The price the company pays the alleged victim and all the costs of fighting it in the courts.

C-Dizzle said...

Another internet article denounced the rumors that the finger came from the Nevada lady who had her finger bit off by the leopard. The article stated that the cat only bit off the tip where the Wendy's finger was a little longer than that.

Dr. Tufte said...

Ayala has now been arrested.

They have gotten pretty tight-lipped about this, but there are rumors that they are looking for someone in Mexico who was paid for a finger (the woman from Pahrump whose leopard bit her finger off didn't pan out).

Wendy's business is apparently off 20-50% in the Bay area where this took place. All of that comes out of the profits of franchisers.