Blogging Withdrawals!?

I am sad to see our class blogging come to an end. I may be accused of kissing up, but I don't care. I may submit this after midnight just to show that that is not my intent. I have learned a lot from this experience and plan on continuing to blog on the web. I had never heard of it before this class. What a great thing to do--exchange ideas and thoughts on the web. I have found a lot of economic benefit from blogging, besides helping my grade. If you were hoping to convert people to be bloggers Dr.Tufte, you have succeeded


Dr. Tufte said...

Thanks Sandy!

BTW: you are all free to continue to post on this blog forever (just not for a grade).

I am not trying to turn you into bloggers (but it is OK if I did).

I am trying to turn you into thoughtful people who are open to ideas from outside their area, are willing to tell people what interests them within their area, and who have the writing skills to make it happen.

carter said...

Dr. Tufte I agree that I have learned from this experience. I have watched the news to find economic ideas that I could blog about. I am trying to apply economic ideas to my life now.

Dr. Tufte said...

Cool - it doesn't get much better than that for a professor.