Clicking Collusion

I had never thought of the possibilty of search engines colluding until I was searching for a topic to blog on. I went to Google, typed in the word "collusion" and ironically one of the results listed, on the first page, was an article on how Yahoo! and Google are being accused of collusion. The search engines charge advertisers a certain amount each time an internet user clicks on the advertisement. According to the plaintiffs, search engines, incuding others besides the ones I mentioned, are over reporting the amount of clicks being made on advertisements.

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Dr. Tufte said...

Very interesting, but this seems like a crock to me.

Let's shift this story do direct mail. Company A hires Company B to do a direct mail campaign for them. People get annoyed and start sending back frivolous responses. Company B charges Company A for dealing with the unusual choice of response by annoyed customers.

This does not sound like a recipe for a lawsuit, unless Company B has a lot of money. Google and Yahoo are company B and they do have a lot of money. Sounds pretty fishy to me.