Sony Gets the One, Two Punch.

In an article I read, Sony Computer Entertainment has been fined $90 million by a US district court in a patent case over a vibrating PlayStation controller developed by Immersion Corporation. The ruling also prohibits the sale of the PlayStation and PS2 in the US, but the ban has been stayed pending an appeal. If that wasn’t bad enough, Rambus, the main chipmaker company for the PS3, was in a legal dispute with the German chipmaker Infineon. Rambus filed the suit claming Infineon and micron was in collusion. Later, Infineon did admit to fixing chip prices, and late last year four of its executives were sentenced to prison time and heavy fines.

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Dr. Tufte said...

I have already commented about the Sony case.

What does the Rambus case have to do with the Sony case?

BTW: Rambus doesn't smell like roses - for years their business strategy has been to sue.