Daily News paper at its...Best...Worst?

“Oh boy, here we go again”. Wednesday, April 13, 2005 there was an article in the Cedar City Daily News that again expressed controversy over a former associate professor from SUU, Stephen Roberds. Myself as a student at SUU, and after reading the article, I have one question for the author; Jennifer Weaver, “What in the world does Stephen Roberds have to do with four completely different professors who were just awarded tenure from SUU?
I have always been told that articles from magazines, newspapers, for example, are supposed to be non-bias. I guess I am not really surprised that this article came from the office where Ed Kociela works. I remember in one article that Ed Kociela wrote concerning SUU, and Roberds, in the Daily News paper a few months back quoting himself to be ‘a seeker of truth’. Ed is no more seeking for the truth than a sailor on a boat in the middle of the ocean seeking for water; I suppose Jennifer is on that boat with him. I am not a journalist, nor do I profess to be one, however, even I see red flags go up with this whole story of why Stephen Roberds was fired. I do not know the reason why he was fired, but I do know that it was not how Jennifer stated it in her article speaking of why Roberds was fired, “For being liberal and possessing a hot temper that flared in an October incident where he (Roberds) used the F-word in a debate with a student”. If that truly were the case, Roberds, in my opinion, would have a good case in a lawsuit against SUU. As of today, I have not read one article about Roberds filing a suit. Failing to bring this to court tells me that Roberds has something to hide. If I were a reporter ‘really’ seeking the truth, my first questions would have been about Roberds past working experience, to see if there was any connection between the two jobs. Again, I have not read one article where Ed or his staff has asked such questions.
No matter what people think, I attend a university that according to the Consumers Digest is one of the top 10 in the nation for quality and value, and we have our professors right now to thank for that.


trudy said...

I think that if all Roberds did was lose his temper and say the f-word he should have been fired. Is that the actions of a professional. Especially one teaching others to be a professional. I don't mind the fact that he has different views, but I still think he should be held accountable to act like a professional

homer said...

I followed those "Roberd" stories last semester and felt they were completely one-sided. The school must of had good reasons for what they did, but none of the journalists cared to find out.

Dr. Tufte said...

-1 on Jim's post and Trudy's comment for spelling error and grammatical errors.

It's not in my best interest to comment on this post.