The Stamp Act

The United States Postal Office desires to raise first-class postage from 37 to 39 cents. It sent the proposal to Congress, where if passed, will affect the market of parcel service throughout the nation. The requested increase is needed to pay the millions of dollars that will be paid out by the Post Office to employees in pension fund expenses. With the increased cost of mailing a letter, will electronic mail become an even better communication method? Of course. E-mail will soon dominate the parcel industry, and the market will make the Post Office shut down.


Rex said...

I try hard to do everything possible via the internet. I do all of my banking online, pay on credit cards, cell phones, and mortgages. One large factor in this decision is it cost me money every time I place a stamp on a posted letter. It may seem cheep, it is only 37 cents, but there are incentives to paying bills electronically, such as lowered interest rates on certain loans with automatic checking withdrawal.

Ralph said...

Inflation and rising fuel costs have forced the postal office to do this. It should be expected. The raise doesn’t mean much to me, but for a company it can mean thousands of dollars in extra costs.

Keston said...

I agree with Ralph that this is probably because of inflation and rising costs. Also, like Ralph said, it will probably not affect me much, but it will definitely affect many businesses. However, I don't agree with Bob that e-mail will dominate the industry and make the Post Office shut down. The Post Office has been around along time and many people still use it. What about the people who don’t have the internet or e-mail? I don't think the Post Office will be shutting down any time soon.

Dr. Tufte said...

-2 on Bob's post for multiple spelling errors.

There is some confusion here - a parcel is a package, not a letter or note.

I commented on a very similar post perhaps 15-20 back. Go read that one.