Pope's Death And World Gathering

Well, Vatican City has certainly been overwhelmingly packed the past week with millions and millions from all over the world. Since the death of Pope John Paul II, there has been a constant poor in of visitors wanting to catch a last glimpse, and/or be part of the funeral. Watching on television it was amazing to see how many people had gathered not only there, but in other places where he had visited and spent time. He has been praised by many of the world leaders and many came to see the funeral. President Bush along with the past two presidents of the U.S. paid their respects. I think something like this, though tragic for much of the world, was certainly something that brought many countries together in peace and harmony. With all that has been going on lately around the globe, I think it was certainly a good dampener and perhaps helped reunify some relationships.


Jones said...

I agree that it was probably a good dampener. Unfortunately sometimes it takes a tragedy like this to bring people together and for some people it may even help re-establish faith. Death is almost always tragic, but it also means the start of something new.

Vincent said...

I agree, during the mass held by the Vatican there is a portion of the mass where one another “offers peace” to persons next to them and are asked to show a sign of that peace with a handshake or a hug. This was amazing to watch since the dignitaries there were all seated together. The Prime Minister Sharon of Israel actually shook hands with Syrian Prime Minister Naji al-Otari. This may seem trivial but Syria is said to be at war with Israel and doesn’t believe Israel should exist. But for that moment they shook hands… well it’s a start.

Dr. Tufte said...

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