Losing White-Collar Jobs Too

Ford Motor Co. told emoployees just this week that it will offer buyout packages to white-collar employees. They are aiming to cut about 1,000 jobs. If Ford can't entice of their white-collar workers with its buyout offer, it may resort to "involuntary separations,"a Ford executive said in the memo. Ford is facing many problems lately, including rising health-care costs and failing U.S. market share. They are not the only ones facing these types of problems though, General Motors Corp. has also offered buyout packages to some of its white-colar employees to cut costs. Once the United States had a competitive advantage in this market, now it appears that we are losing it very noticeably. Will we outsource all of our jobs in this market? Is it a good idea to if we could make money more effectively and increase our standard of living by focusing our efforts to other areas.


Dr. Tufte said...

I commented about this in the April 5 post "Ford to Fire".

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Padmanaban said...

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