Lego puts theme parks on the block

The article “Lego puts theme parks on the block” tells how the 4th largest toy company Lego turned in a 300 million dollar loss last year. The company now is downsizing and outsourcing departments in order to focus on the core (colored blocks). Included in the downsizing Lego is selling off its Lego land theme parks. Having visited the original Lego land park in Billund Denmark I noticed that the core attraction of the park was not the rides but the amazing Lego displays. Very different from the standard American theme parks where bigger and better rides are the source of attraction. Now that the Lego corporation is considering selling off their theme parks I fear they will become Americanized and no different than your average Six Flags.

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Dr. Tufte said...

Gee ... and we may be taking the kids to the one in San Diego next month.

You kind of have to wonder what Lego is thinking. No one goes to theme parks for displays. Displays are what you put in between the rides, and in the lines to entertain people. I just don't get it.