Public education is an interesting economic topic. John McDonald addresses the issue of lack of funding in his letter to the LA Times If We Value Education. He suggests that increasing taxes is how education should be funded. I think education credits from the state and then letting families choose where they get an education would solve the lack of funding better than simply raising taxes. In any market, increased competition lowers prices so why not with education?


Anonymous said...

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BOB said...

I agree. An increase in competition in the educational market could lead to lower prices and improved quality. However, I do know that education is a major player in encouraging growth. An increase in education, no matter what the method is, will help our society.

Marie said...

It is true; we really need to increase the competition in the education system. Public school is one of the biggest monopolies in the country. Everyone has to fund them whether their child goes to public schools or not. Besides, I think because of this continual funding it has created laziness in system in spending and teaching. For example, when I went to school we had two computer labs, TVs in every room, the hall way, and the cafeteria, and had wireless laptops. Each teacher had a personal telephone for their class room. In addition, the teachers had web conferencing. Every year the school would try to raise the levy. Finally the levy was not passed because of unnecessary spending. Plus, all of this increased spending didn’t help increase the education standard at the schools. The staff became lazier the more assistance they received. It was amazing.

Dr. Tufte said...

Umm ... did Christ advocate comment spam too?

Anyway, I'm going to keep my comments to a minimum, since I have done research advocating school choice.

My suggestion is that the next time you see a discussion of funding for education, tune in on whether they are discussing inputs or outputs. Managers who are interested in doing well are focused on the latter. Guess what most education discussions are focused upon?

Wow Marie - where'd you go to school?

P.S. As someone who tries to write well, and seeks continuous improvement in their writing, it is nice to see one of you using a semi-colon properly (heck, it's nice to see a semi-colon at all).