Computer Crimes

When I was reading the article on computer crimes, I was impressed with all the cost associated with protection that our government is trying to take and companies have to take. It is almost a never ending battle of benefits and cost. It cost money to enact laws, to have law enforcement, and to create new technology to catch computer crimes. On the flip side anyone who gets involved in computer crimes will be able to break the codes necessary to commit the crimes. Companies need to stay on top of the newest software protection to secure future business transactions with customers, and keep the business running and functioning. What do you thin that the government should do to combat computer crimes from occurring? Do you think that any thing can be done? What effects do you think that computer crimes have done to computer transactions?

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Dr. Tufte said...

-1 for a spelling mistake in Marie's post.

Computer crime exists because there is consumer and producer surplus being earned from transactions in cyberspace. A small percentage of this is being devoted to combat this (if it were a large percentage, people wouldn't be flocking to this arena). I don't think laws have much to do with it.