What do Birds Have to do With the Economy

There are some that are worried that the bird flu pandemic could cause recession in Asia. Their idea is that many people will become sick which means that they won’t be able to work and make money. Also many others will die leaving a hole in their work force. This will mean that fewer products can be produced and that there will be less currency to be circulated. This article explains many of the effects that the pandemic can have on an economy.


Morgan said...

I think that the recent outbreak of this terrible bird flu definitely poses an economic threat. When there is tremendous potential for human loss, it is only natural that the economy could suffer as result. I hope that this epidemic won't be as devastating as some are predicting, but is necessary to prepare for what might lie ahead.

Jasmine said...

Don't quote me on this, but I would argue to say that the number one or number two eaten meat around the world is poultry. If this flu is contained and continues to spread to the world's poultry population then one can only imagine the economic affects. I personally love poultry so let's hope they can contain this flu or bye bye KFC.

Dr. Tufte said...

-1 on Morgan's comment for spelling errors.

-1 on Jasmine's comment for spelling errors.

This is a useful idea to walk away from Business School with. It hasn't happened recently, but it is possible for disease to effect your business, through its effect on the macroeconomy.