Turkey Day has come and gone--no bird flu

One would think that the bird flu would have caused less turkey's to be purchased this year, however from the talk I've heard I have to meet anyone that didn't have turkey for Thanksgiving, not to mention not one that came down with the bird flu. It is amazing how everything seems to tie into economics. If people spend less money than they would have by purchasing chicken (or maybe spam...come to think of it maybe not) then that puts less money in the economy. If an influenza scare can cause people to spend less then various aspects of the whole economic system may change. As for me I stuffed to the rafters and still working on those leftovers.


Liz said...

I agree, scares in any product on the market makes a huge difference in the economy. Look at fuel for an example. When gas prices are going up, less people want to drive and even less want to buy new cars. But when gas prices start to go down the market for cars begins to go up again.

Dr. Tufte said...

Is it just me - or is there no ManEc here?