Trade restrictions need to be lifted

I believe that because we can trade with nations around the globe we are able to enjoy more products at better prices. That being said, today I read an article discussing how Tony Blair feels that wealthier nations should help promote trade by lessening restrictions among other poorer, and developing countries. Through making trade less restrictive, not only will developing nations have greater opportunity for economic gains, but they will also have more of a chance for a greater quality of life. I think that Tony Blair is speaking out in a great way! In addition to improving the state of world poverty, Blair also commented that taking these actions could help in the fight against terrorism. I completely agree with Blair, and I think that he is wise to make such recommendations. By relaxing regulations, and barriers to trade, countries have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. If this could start happening more, markets would be exposed to greater competition, and consumers would have more selection, at better prices, and more people throughout the globe could have a greater capacity to make a living. I believe that it is only a matter of time before these types of actions will be taken with full force, and I look forward to seeing how the global economy will increasingly thrive as a result.


Ava said...

I also agree with Tony Blair. We are hated by other countries because we are so well off. Why not help them out. Lowering trade restrictions will create jobs in the developing countries, and provide us (the wealthy country) with more diverse products.

Dr. Tufte said...

Seems like you've got the free trade message we are trying to hammer home around here.