Phishing for Tax Dollars

It seems that as the end of the year approaches and everyone anticipates their tax refunds (hopefully) that internet securtity firms are trying to prevent a scam that has already began. Phishing e-mails have already been discovered telling people that there is a loophole in the IRS website and they could get more money back from the government. First of all if you even consider this then you are just plain stupid. Trying to steal from the government is not my idea of fun. The worst part is that those who fall for it will end up paying a lot more than they think they might be getting--like the content of their own personal bank accounts, that is if the government hasn't already taken it all.


Liz said...

The IRS is like GOD, you shouldn't mess with them, and they can really come down on you if they want. The IRS can be very scary to deal with if you do try to skip out on taxes. I have heard a lot of horror stories about people who lost everything to back taxes. I suggest not taking a risk and just paying your dang taxes.

Dr. Tufte said...

-1 on Maddy's post for spelling errors.

My guess is that a phishing scam based on the IRS is likely to be fairly successful. Private firms have an incentive to clear their good name, while the IRS doesn't.