Chirstmas, Credit Cards...and Crime!?

Black Friday kicked off the holiday shopping for the year, and with increased internet sales it's time for the credit card theives to try new ways to fool the system. Don't they know that Santa is making his list and checking it twice? Online retailers say it is very difficult to find fraud protection and that it is very costly to impliment these systems. They must decide if it is economically worth it to have a system that is vulnerable and deal with fraud, or avoid the problems all together and find something that works. Many companies are giving guarentees that if they will cover charges that are fraud transactions if they allow the transactions to be processed as an incentive to impliment their systems with online retailers. Eventually this will be a must, if it isn't already, for all businesses that offer their products online.

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Dr. Tufte said...

-1 on Maddy's post for spelling errors.

Online fraud is a very overblown issue. For most companies, it is a very small problem compared to more mundane things like labor issues. That's part of the reason it isn't eliminated - it isn't worth spending a whole lot on.