China’s New Business Strategy; Spying

It has recently been reported that the British MI5 suspect that the Chinese have been, and currently are spying on their businesses. The spying seems to be mainly focused on scientific and high-tech developments. The authorities are not sure how deep they spying goes, but they know that the threat is continuing to increase. Some of the spying is coming from old fashioned ways of sending in spies undercover, while some British companies are so anxious to get their business into China that they are willing to give away technologies and secrets that aren’t allowed to be shared. After the Cold War I thought the days of spying were over, however it appears that spying has only shifted its focus.


maddy said...

That's pretty crazy if you ask me. Does this mean that as a company your business strategy can be to spy? Something has to be done to stop this, but it will be interesting to see if anything will happen.

Dr. Tufte said...

-1 on Jasmine's post for poor grammar.

This is an old phenomenon known as industrial espionage. Kids have done this for a long time trying to figure out how radios and other gadgets work. Big kids do it too.