Fees Just For Driving in Manhattan

Manhattan has been recently considering charging all drivers that enter their city a flat fee just to be able to drive around town. Driving conditions have become so bad that the city has been looking for some kind of solution. London currently has a similar program already in place and it has drastically reduced their traffic problems. By charging drivers a fee, this would encourage car pooling and the use of public transportation. I went to Manhattan a couple of summers ago and I was told by one of the tour guides that everyday one million cars enter Manhattan and fight for only half a million parking spots, so I can defiantly understand the need and want for a change. By increasing the price of driving demand should fall. Do you guys think this is fair?


taylor said...

Yes I think that this is fair. Obviously if people have to pay to drive on the road they will cut back or start carpooling. I think that this will prevent a lot of accidents and cut back on pollution. I think that people will actually be more relaxed as well. They won't be so tense from the extreme traffic and the fight over parking.

Bob said...

The money that will be saved from gas and parking fees as a result of car-pooling will far outweigh the costs of a small fee from driving in the city. My concern is where the money collected from the fee will be used. For those of you who have been to Manhattan recently you will probably agree that the money could be well spent cleaning up the streets and improving the conditions of both the streets and sidewalks. It’s easy for me to say that I support the fee based on the fact that I only visit or work in New York about once a year, but I can be almost certain that those who work in Manhattan will be opposed to the fee.

Dr. Tufte said...

-1 on Jasmines' post for spelling errors.

I think this is a technology whose time has arrived, and it comes under the ManEc topic called congestion pricing in Chapter 7.