Bush/Cheney need to grow up

After reading several articles surrounding this topic, I felt compelled to write about it today. The issue concerning me is Bush, and Cheney's recent bout of remarks centered around attacking their critics, to which I say, grow up. In this Cheney article that I found, Cheney claimed that democrats were criticizing the Iraq war to gain political favor, and because of memory loss. Has he ever thought for one moment that critics of the war in Iraq have a point, and a God-given right to make their feelings known? Aside from the thousands of American soldiers that have given their lives to fight this on-going war, billions of dollars of the United State's tax payers' money is being used to finance it, and I would be very worried, and alarmed if citizens in opposition just rolled over and played dead. We should have some voice in where our hard earned money is being thrown, and personally, Iraq's killing field isn't getting my vote. Why is it that the top leaders of our country are so opposed to people of all backgrounds, and philosophies having some type of feeling? This isn't an issue of right, or left wing views, this is a humanitarian, and economic issue, and Bush and Cheney need to understand that people have valid, genuine concerns, not just some hidden political agenda to pursue.


pramahaphil said...

I'm not sure what this has to do with Economics - but okay.

Politically however, Cheney's point is that the same intelligence Bush used to justfy going to war was the same intelligence Congress used to make the decision to go war.

Those same Democrats that are accusing the Bush administration of lying and manipulating intelligence to "fool" them into going to war, made many strong motions and speeches in favor of the US removing Hussain from power. Therefore being against the war is one thing, but pretending you were unwittingly duped into war is unacceptable and dishonest.

No one is saying you can't have an opinion against the war and the Bush administration, however it is not right for some to attempt to rewrite the history of how the war started.

Bob said...

Morgan, I find it amusing that you’re being critical of the President and Vice-President of our country for being critical of their opponents. I’m going to have to disagree with your critique of what the President is saying. You probably didn’t take any time to hear the positions or educate yourself on the stands of the democrat party in last years elections so let me share what I heard. John Kerry took multiple stances on the war in Iraq. Kerry made statements saying that Saddam Hussein needed to be taken out of power and many more statements in support of the war. Later in the elections he said that we were in the wrong war at the wrong place at the wrong time. He became known as the flip flopper and basically ruined his chances of becoming president. The Democratic Party has really become a group of crowd pleasers and criticizers. When Bush and Kerry debated all Kerry could do is criticize Bush’s decisions, offering no insight as to how he could do better. If Bush were to pull our troops out of Iraq the Democrats would heavily criticize him for doing so. Some people can never be satisfied and typically those people live a life full of bitterness and hate. Thank goodness we get to chose!

Anonymous said...

Anyone who believes the Bush talking points needs to turn off Limbaugh and Fox and pay attention to the facts.

The Bush administration is selling out the USA for themselves and their cronies. They are cleaning the house, taking the treasures for themselves and will leave the rest of us high and dry.

This is NOT to say the Dems are doing any better! Few of them have had the balls to stand up to crimes that have now far passed the point of treason. Why has not one Dem dared say the word impeachment?!!

We are way beyond the "crimes" of Clinton in the damage done to the USA. We would be the laughing stock of the world if not for a mad-man at the trigger of the world's largest nuclear arsenal.

The scandals of the neo-cons are too numerous to list. It may be out of control. It may be too late to fix.

The news lately has been scaring the sh!t out of me.

God save the USA.

pramahaphil said...

Anon - For someone accusing others of listening to Limbaugh talking point you sure sound like you were reading quotes from Franken and Moore while you were writting this comments.

I especially liked "mad-man at the trigger of the worlds largest nuclear arsenal". Did you come up with that one by yourself, or did you get that one from Cindy Sheehan?

Dr. Tufte said...

What does this have to do with ManEc?