Are they serious?

The day after Thanksgiving is a day of sheer chaos in the retail world. I read of extra police being called to a Wal-Mart to help settle down the crowds of people trying to get special deals on laptops. In another situation, police had to take a man down to the ground and arrest him for skipping in line. It is hard to imagine what drives these consumers to the point of camping in the cold all night and then acting like kids on an elementary school playground once in the store. Yeah, I understand their motive is to get the excellant deal. However, is it because the consumers are hurting on funds and need to get the lower price, or is it the feeling of satisfaction for getting the lower price, or do the individuals just like to be among the chaotic atmosphere? Strangely enough, I am sure there are people out there that fit the third category. My main question is, what can managers do to retain a certain level of this excitement throughout the entire holiday season to maximize profits? I think a solution to this might actually be able to explain more of the consumers' thought process behind all of the chaos on the day after Thanksgiving.


Liz said...

I hate shopping after thanksgiving. I don't understand how people get so excited and wait for hours for stores to open. I actually hate this season for that reason. They just use the holiday to make as much money as they can.

Nate said...

I agree that some people take it to the extreme when they camp out n bitter cold weather to get the deals. Some of the bargains are incredible but I think that if the consumer really put forth the effort they would be able to find such deals in other locations and without the headache. If the retailers wanted to capitalize on this enthusiasm they should offer such doorbusters throughout the season and increase the draw on days other than "Black Friday."

Dr. Tufte said...

-1 on Nate's comment for spelling errors.

That's an intersting question - I'm not sure what you do to maintain the excitement for the whole 5 week period.