Another Benefit of the Internet

Even though diehard shoppers will still stand in lines for hours before a store opens just at a chance to get a discount on some products, Monday will be a big internet shopping day. Internet shoppers wait until Monday to make their purchases because business connections tend to be faster than those high speed connections found in homes. It has been estimated that internet purchases during this holiday season will increase 24% over those of last year. This increase is expected because most shoppers feel that they can find lower costs on the internet, even with paying shipping. The increase in price sensitivity is due to the increase in cost of heating homes, increase gas prices, and other increases of costs on necessities.


Morgan said...

I think the internet is a great mechanism for economic transactions. I have been able to purchase many things for a fraction of their "retail" cost, despite any taxes, or shipping costs that may be associated with buying online. While physical locations no doubt serve as a great marketplace for consumers, the internet provides endless benefits inlcuding convenience, and a wide selection of products at one's fingertips, ultimately offering society another means of capitalizing through various methods of exchange.

Bob said...

The internet is a great way to get information on a product and to do price comparisons between many different companies within a few minutes. I have already purchased a couple higher priced items online this year that I was able to save about 20 percent of what I would have paid had I gone to a store. Buying online assures you that you won’t make a trip to the mall juts to find out that they didn’t have the size or style that you wanted. I wear a size 13 shoe and about 85 percent of the time I shop for shoes the biggest size they have is an 11. Then they offer to order the shoes for me which will only cost me an additional $6 for shipping. What about the cost of my time and effort for coming to the store? I could have ordered it from my house, but I chose to come to the store to try the shoes on and see how they felt. As you can tell I’m speaking from personal experience. I think internet shopping is a great way to save you the headaches that come from shopping in stores, but I also think that shopping in stores allows you to get off of your butt and burn some calories.

Dr. Tufte said...

-1 on Savannah's post for poor grammar.

Don't forget that one of the points of bricks-and-mortar is that it makes it easier for the customer to have faith in your guaranty or warranty.