Mortgage Rates Dropping?

Mortgage rates have been at an all time high making it even more difficult for home buyers to purchase their homes. The most recent report shows rates at 6.28 which is down from 6.37. Check out mortgage rates. Hopefully this will be the new trend and ease future home buyers worries. It's a relief to hear some relatively good news when it comes to the real estate market.


Tyler said...

I guess we need some positive reinforcement when is comes to the real estate market. Although, I don’t believe this is the trend that the mortgage financing market is going to follow, based on the information provided by analysts and reporters. Believe me, I hope rates continue to go down, but the odds are against you.

Dr. Tufte said...

-1 on Tyler's comment for spelling errors.

Are you kidding me, or is this a typo?

Bree: mortage interest rates have been near all time lows, not highs.

And ... I'm guessing you are thinking about buying real estate, because on the selling side almost all the news is good.