As a single person I’m always looking for someone to “hook up” with. Now Apple has made it even easier. Imagine that! No, its not the iDate it’s the iPod! A new service called podDater.com can deliver your future dates right to the palm of your hand. Could they make it any easier. What are people really willing to pay for this? They say that the service is expected to be very profitable—just think, you may not ever have to use one of those cheesy pick-up lines again!


Morgan said...

I think this definitely presents an opportunity for Apple to make some serious profits. If the service is popular, and has a market, it will find a way to satisfy its customers' demand. I personally think it shows the signs of the times. At this point, this service actually sounds like it could be legitimate. Dating is just like making money, it's a daunting task! So personally I would be open to something that could provide a more pleasant alternative to finding "my other half"!

Dr. Tufte said...

-1 on Maddy's post for grammatical errors.

I'm always kind of surprised that dating is as hard as it is (and it isn't like I consider my own dating history to have been a glittering success).

It just seems to me that it should be a lot easier for people to do if it makes both sides happy. The alternative is that most dates are mostly lousy, and that doesn't seem to be the case either.

This is very similar to games of fair division. Here is an anomolous result: if you tell Player A to secretly divide $10 into their amount and Player B's amount, with both getting the money only if Player B accepts, it isn't unusual for Player B to routinely decline - even though they are better off with something rather than nothing. I think dating is a lot like this.
On the whole I think this is an avenue for interesting research.

Matthew said...

Dr. Tufte said that is seems like it should be a lot easier for people to date if it makes both sides happy. I couldn't agree more, so why are there so many single people when most of them want to be dating someone? One answer could be that people misjudge the costs of dating. They may fear rejection and count that as a huge cost. However, if they were to look at the end result, they still wouldn't have a date, so are they really that much better off by not even trying to ask someone out?

Dr. Tufte said...

I think there are a lot of hidden and implicit costs to dating that we just haven't pinned down very well.