Government needs to step up with energy issues

I found an article today that did my heart good! It addressed the need for local and federal governments to implement reform in lowering the costs of energy. I believe that the government needs to take action because it is their responsibility, and duty. The high costs of energy comprise a substantial portion of Americans' incomes, and many of the inflated prices that people are being forced to pay could be reduced if the government stepped in with regulations, and price caps, etc. Energy prices are a driving force of our economy. With energy we are able to heat our homes, and drive our cars to work to make money, etc. As current energy prices stand, many are having to turn down their thermostats, and travel less. If Bush is pro big business, and carving into the land for industry and oil, in order to make money, it could also be to his benefit to help in the fight to lower energy prices. As it stands, people are having to expend funds into energy that they could be pumping into other facets of the economy, including investing to start new "big businesses", etc. So if nothing else, the Bush administration should take action for selfish reasons.


Bree said...

One of the fundamental beliefs of the US is that government intervention and control should be minimal. Meaning the power of government be under control. Maybe it would help to have the government create new regulations and caps but maybe it wouldn't. Maybe they're standing off a bit for that exact reason.

Dr. Tufte said...

I think this is pretty scary.

Right after introducing supply and demand in micro we talk about why price contrls create problems that make them largely undesirable.

And then a lot of you apparently forget that lesson ...