EBay wins war of 'Cyber Monday'

For many years, consumers have flocked to the stores the day after Thanksgiving in search of the best deals. This event is commonly known as 'Black Friday.' With the recent change in technology more and more people are waiting now until 'Cyber Monday' to find the best details on items. This year the battle for customers on the Internet was won by EBay. They nearly doubled the sales of Amazon.com. It is amazing to see the influence that online sales have had on the industry in recent years. With such influence retail sales have increased and consumers are able to get what they want at the price they are willing to pay for it. The market is only increasing and continues to be an influential part of retail sales. Even with the increase of internet sales many stores have continued to see an increase in business and increased profits. 'Black Friday' will never disappear but it may be overtaken by 'Cyber Monday' if the ability to get what you want at the price you want it becomes more and more reliable.


maddy said...

I beleive there will come a day soon where "Black Friday" will be a cyber experience in itself, when consumers will no longer wait in line outside in the cold to purchase that Laptop or TV at the cheapest price, but where retailers will realize the demand and it will be a race to see who has the fastest click of the mouse. The economy is becoming more driven by technology and as someone not willing to stand in those lines early Friday-following-Thanksgiving morning I expect soon to be able to have that "holiday rush" experience from my own computer at home.

Savannah said...

It is no surprise that EBay did so well. Many shoppers have come accustomed to finding good products for great prices on EBay. It is no wonder they have turned there for their holiday shopping as well.

Dr. Tufte said...

-1 on Maddy's comment for spelling errors.

-1 on Savannah's comment for spelling errors.

I wonder how managers feel that the 4 day weekend has been turned into a 5 day weekend, with workers showing up at work on that last day only to shop.