Justice Dept. Proposes Tougher Copyright Laws

A new bill that is being drafted by the Attorney General, Alberto Gonzales is proposing stiffer punishments for those who copy and distribute copyrighted materials such as much, movies, and television shows. This new bill would allow the seizure of assets and materials used in the process as well as allow for larger fines than currently allowed. This bill has not yet reached congress but it is already stirring up controversy. A consumer-rights advocacy group called, “Public Knowledge, said the Justice Department should consider measures that would protect consumers' fair-use rights as well.” I am getting sick and tired of the continuing push to screw the consumer. I hope this bill is not passed and I hope that consumer rights will be upheld. What do you guys think, since this especially concerns our generation?

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Dr. Tufte said...

-1 on Jasmine's post for poor spelling.

Whether or not I like this, I think the method is appropriate. If there is a problem with downloading, propose a law to fix that, and see if it passes a legislature. Otherwise, but off.