Pro Sports in Las Vegas

Will Las Vegas ever get a pro sports team? They seem to have it all gambling, casinos, entertainment you can’t get anywhere else and restaurants, restaurants and more restaurants. Las Vegas however has yet to get a pro sports team, but one man is out to see what he can do about that. What will this do for the economy of Las Vegas? Don’t they make enough money as it is? Earlier this year the Tennis Channel Open announced that it would be moving its tournament to Vegas in 2006 and Scottsdale Arizona is sad to see such a great revenue generator leave. Whether the Las Vegas Gamblers will be joining the MLB, NBA or NFL has yet to be seen, but I’m sure eventually they will have a team.


Morgan said...

The thought of having a professional sports team in Vegas seems like something that could be very feasible in the future. As far as why they don't already have one, perhaps other investments i.e. casinos, etc. have brought about more benefits at a lower cost? Whatever the reason, if people are starting to seriously consider bringing in a professional sports team, there must be some advantage. Sheer numbers, and a population with large amounts of disposable cash could play a big role in this recent surge of interest. I would not be surprised at all to see such a team popping up in the near future.

Dr. Tufte said...

Las Vegas will get a team or teams, but they may have trouble thriving.

Corporate purchase of boxes and tickets is what really drives pro sports. In turn, that is a demand derived from salespeople trying to move high markup items.

The problem is, Las Vegas core businesses are not high markup. So, they may not have the same sort of market tha other cities might.

Isaac said...

Dr. Tufte wrote that “Las Vegas will get a team or teams, but they may have trouble thriving.” I believe that it will be very difficult for Las Vegas to get a sports team due to gambling. Given that all sports organizations are continuing to have a problem with gambling, Las Vegas will scare different sport owners. Recently, David Stern visited with Mayor Oscar Goodman about moving a team to Vegas, however, Vegas being the gamble capital of the world still poses a threat.

Dr. Tufte said...

I may be cynical, but it seems to me that pro sports doesn't have quite as much problem with gambling as we think.