GDP grows faster than expected

Even with all of the natural disasters that struck the United States during the third quarter, GDP increased by 4.3 percent. This number is even greater than the originally predicted growth of 3.8 percent. Not only did GDP grow at a rate faster than predicted but it did so without any real signs of increasing inflation. These numbers are amazing considering the amount of problems that the economy faced during the quarter. Not only were there hurricanes but the increase in interest rates and other factors had to be considered in the GDP. Many people are quick to panic in times of trouble but it appears that investors and others did not during trying times.

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Dr. Tufte said...

An alternative way of looking at this is that these problems that we thought were so huge ... weren't.

I wonder who made them out to be so big, and why ... or why they think the economy is so small and fragile, and why ... or just how they got so clueless.