Delta Airlines: Is a Resolution Possible?

Delta employees are to the point of a unanimous strike due to the current issue being argued in the bankruptcy courts. I believe the pilots have been very consensual in being a positive alliance through out the proceedings, last year alone they agreed to a 32 % pay cut. These pilots have been loyal to Delta for years, have devoted a good part of their working careers to this company and in my opinion should be taken care of for it. The thought of decreasing wages even lower would be a huge burden to anyone that is accustom to that lifestyle. My question is, has management and corporate executives decreased their pay scales at the same rate as the employees. One the other hand Delta is trying to do everything they can to salvage a company whom employs thousands of people. I believe the bankruptcy courts will rule on a decision, which encompasses the needs of both Delta Airlines and their labor union.


maddy said...

Though I do agree that it is important that the pilots be compensated it is interesting to note that a smaller airline, Jet Blue, pays relatively lower salaries compared to the industry as a whole. These loyal pilots may need to take into consideration that going to another airline may not be the best choice as they will most likely not get paid what they are accustomed to. Economically speaking if too many pilots are in search of jobs and the market is saturated with out of work pilots salaries will only decrease more.

Dr. Tufte said...

-1 on Tyler's post for multiple spelling errors.

This is a tough issue to tackle. At this juncture, the only weapon the pilots have is to strike. Alternatively, they may be in this position for having been paid too much in the past. I don't think there are any good answers here.