U.S. Colleg Drop-out Rate

For more than a decade it has been America’s higher education leaders’ goal to get more students into college. Now there are many people wondering why when there are so many students who do not finish with a degree. Only about 54 percent of students who enter a four year college have a degree within six years. After these students borrow money to go to school and then don’t finish often wind up worse off than before they attended college. The article is putting the blame on high school and on the students themselves. I disagree. I think that those two factors have a lot to do with it, but I think that the values you were raised with and how much emphasis your family puts on how important education is has a lot to do with it as well. I know that in my family education is very important. Everyone in my family graduated from college, even my grandparents. I have a lot of friends who chose not to go to college and most of their siblings and/or parent chose not to go either.


Morgan said...

I completely agree with you Taylor. I think that how you were raised plays a major role in whether you attend, or even finish college. Also, plain and simple money, or lack of it can be a determinant in whether people have the resources necessary to get an education. While I believe that we have the ability to control our own destiny, by going to college, the things that we have exposed to growing up, and our financial status can affect our feasibility of going to college.

Connor said...

I agree that one's values stem from his/her family's value system. However, we must take control of our lives and sometimes that requires us to step out of the traditional ways. This is how progress becomes possible and I believe this concept applies to one's desire to graduate from college. Saying that it is the family's fault is a scape-goat for the individual. What it all comes down to, in my eyes, is personal responsibility!

Bob said...

There is no question that how a person was raised influences their decision to start and finish college. I do believe that many of these studies are flawed because even though the dropout rate in college is high, a lot of times students that drop out have a more legitimate reason than a lack of family support or financial means. I think it is safe to say that a small but significant amount of women that drop out of college do so because they get married, have a kid, or get married and then have a kid. A lot of girls I know that dropped out of college did so because they got married and then had to get a job to help support their family while their husbands finished school. I agree with Connor though in that a lot of times students drop out of school because of a lack of personal responsibility.

Bree said...

Society now days looks upon kids who simply go to work after high school instead of college as a bad thing. But I know alot of successful people who own their own businesses and are very wealthy who did not attend college. The fact is that college isn't the answer and it isn't for every little boy and girl! Most students within their first semester know whether or not it's for them and if you aren't going to finish than it is a very expensive pass-time and should be avoided.

Tyler said...

I believe the emphasis that each person places on college has some influence from their family. Society is changing; in today’s world you cannot be successful without some sort of higher education unless you’re an entrepreneur. Years ago the possibility of becoming wealthy without a college degree was much less competitive than it is today. I think that any form of education is beneficial to a person’s future, but people should think twice about financing an education just because they want to see what college is like.

Dr. Tufte said...

-1 on Taylor's post for a spelling error.

-1 on Bree's comment for a spelling error.

You can tell that something is screwed up in this debate because of the focus on the percentage that finish. Isn't it possible that some of them choose not to finish? That they see better opportunities elsewhere?

College is an investment with a rate of return. Investment decisions have hurdles that have to be surpassed by that rate or return. We should expect many people not to surpass that hurdle.

When someone uses a statistic like only 50% of students graduate, you should think of it like this. Should you be happy if only 50% of your ideas are things you carry through on? The answer is probably yes - we all come up with a lot of stupid ideas, and we cull them out. Life does the same thing with college students.

Anonymous said...

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