Gas Prices Have Gone Down Slightly

While prices at the pump are still disheartening, they have been coming down recently, and according to this price drop article, the nation's relatively warmer temperatures could be a factor in the lower prices. Because temperatures are warmer, home energy use has likely dropped, and with energy companies experiencing less of a demand, perhaps prices have dropped somewhat to compensate for that. However, the article conveyed that as temperatures start to decrease, so will the size of our pocketbooks, when it comes to expenditures for gas. I hope in time, the world will be able to get off this energy pricing rollercoaster, and will start using other alternative methods of energy for everything from automobiles, to home heating.


Jasmine said...

We can only hope that prices continue to drop. Part of the problem isn't so much the temperature, but it's a question of supply and demand. Countries like India and China are wanting more and more oil which is increasing demand, while supply is relatively static. So switching to an alternative energy or allowing drilling in our own backyard would defiantly be a good thing.

Dr. Tufte said...

-1 on Jasmine's comment for inappropriate use of a word.

The title's incorrect - gas prices have gone down over 40%. Actually to levels not seen since a few months before Katrina. It's hard to see how this sort of temporary price spike can do anything to increase the availability of other energy sources.