Yoga Mamma's

I find it interesting that parents are willing to spend so much money on baby clothes and accessories. Don’t get me wrong, I’m going to buy nice things for my kid, but I think spending $50 on a shirt that is only going to be worn twice before it is grown out of is ridiculous. In the article I found it talks about how mothers these days are all about big spending on the little ones. I think it’s crazy! Kids can look just as cute in clothes from Old Navy as they can in clothes from Nordstrom. I think it’s unwise to spend so much money on such frivolous items, when you could be putting that money away for college. Italian leather toddler shoes from Nordstrom $129, Bugaboo baby strollers $700, having no money left for retirement priceless.


Bob said...

Alex I agree with you for the most part. There is no reaon for mothers or fathers to overspend on their kids clothes. There are definitely better things that they can invest their money in for their kids such as college. The only reason I would say that it is reasonable for parents to spend a couple hundred dollars on leather shoes at Nordstroms is because that couple hundred dollars is only about .05% of the family income. I think it's great that people get out and spend to help boost the economy, but I also realize that someone making Ceadr City wages shouldn't be spending hundreds of dollars on baby clothes.

Connor said...

Spending habits are extremely interesting. I think it is excellent when those who have sufficient funds purchase expensive items. This assists in the money cycle. People who have money to spend on such items as you discussed typically have friends with similar budgets. Therefore, when one buys something "cute and adorable," that tends to encourages some or all of the group to go out and see what kind of wonderful purchase they can make and show-off to their friends. This is a cycle that exists among the wealthy and sometimes, unfortunately, among those who are trying to live as if they are wealthy. This leads to my main point and that is that consumers need to be conscious of their budget. If that means that a pair of toddler shoes for $129 is not a financial issue for them, then I support them for going ahead and making the purchase.

Morgan said...

I completely agree with you! Where is everyone getting there money anyway? It is likely that a lot of people are simply going into debt, and guess who gets to help finance their children's italian leather baby shoes? All of us, in the form of higher credit card rates, and higher prices in stores, etc. Not only is spending money on such items unsensible, it can also be very selfish, especially if they are having to go into debt to do it. If people can't afford something, they have no business buying it, period.

Dr. Tufte said...

When I see stories like this, it makes me think that the housing boom is far from over - there are too many people with too much money to spend.

This doesn't apply as much to clothes, but for other items - particularly those with economies of scale - this sort of behavior is what allows firms to pay off their fixed costs and sell at lower costs to the hoi polloi.

FWIW: My wife discovered this fall that you can buy a lot of that seldom used stuff on E-Bay. She's been buying expensive brands we'd never consider, and they've all been in good shape.