Shop til you drop...into bed

A new company called Power Nap Sleep Centers is cashing in on sleep deprived Americans. The basic concept is to provide themed rooms for shoppers in the Mall of America to pay a set price and sleep for as long they want in relaxing solitude. For 70 cents a minute, fatigued shoppers and weary travelers will be able to take a relaxing break in one of six insulated rooms. Sounds like a very strange, but unique concept to try out. What better place to try out this new business venture than the Mall of America, where people from all over the world come to shop.
Lets look at the price of 70 cents per minute and see if it seems reasonable. If the store was open normal mall hours from 9 to 9 and all 6 rooms were utilized for the entire 12 hours, then the store would bring in revenue of $3024. But thats assuming that people can pile in one after the other into the rooms. However, there needs to be ample cleaning and preparation time in between customers. Plus with only six rooms and no time limit on rooms, there would more than likely be a waiting time for the rooms. Would you be willing to wait for a nap in the mall where you are paying $42 an hour? Seems pretty expensive when you look at it that way.


Alex said...

Shopping makes me extremely tired. However, I don't think I would stop shopping and take a nap at the mall. When I am at the mall, I just want to get in and get what I need and go home. If someone is that tired, don't go shopping that day. You would be better off to stay home and get well rested and go out the next day. Then you wouldn't be waisting your money on a place to sleep, rather you could be spending it on the needed items.

Dr. Tufte said...

Why didn't they have this in Cedar when my kids were babies? I could've snuck off to Wal-Mart when I was droopy.

My guess is that this might be something that could actually make money. I think there's a mindset that it wouldn't be appropriate to buy this sort of product, but I think that could be changed. My understanding is that airports in the Far East already have facilities like this.