Is Firewood the Answer?

A Congressman in California is proposing legislation to wave government fees on chopping down firewood in national forests in hopes that it might reduce the strain that many are going to feel from the high costs of heating this winter. I'm not so sure that firewood is the answer to high heating costs, but I guess every little bit will help. What do you guys think?


Liz said...

I know that I will not be up cutting down trees but I guess i could see how that would save money. The price of natural gas has been climbing for a while and it will only get worse. I just hope that a lot of people have wood buring stoves or everyone is in a lot of trouble.

Morgan said...

I find this "solution" pretty weak, and frankly, ineffective. Firewood in national forests? I don't think that is even going to make a dent in the current energy prices. Why doesn't a congressman try to pass legislation to aid in the research of alternative energy methods, or try to mandate that all vehicles be required to use better energy methods in the next 5 years? That would seem a lot more productive.

Dr. Tufte said...

-1 on Liz's post for capitalization errors.

Hey Morgan - isn't firewood an "alternative energy"?

You really can't expect a proposal like this to make much difference. Having said that, it is a step in the right direction: if you are really concerned about something like this you should lower prices that you can control.

Alternatively, we should be asking why - if they can do this - don't they reduce the taxes on other fossil fuels as well.