How Would You Handle a Crisis?

I was reading blogs on the ABC News website, and I found this one about how to respond, or what to do in a crisis at work. I thought it was very interesting what Bob Rosner had to say about this subject. He talked about how we need to "learn from each other and take their connection to a deeper level". I agree with Bob, I think that if something terrible does happen at work, we shouldn't keep to ourselves. If I was running a business I would probably offer seminars on how to deal with a situation, after it happened, or offer counseling to those who were really struggling. For those who want to be entrepreneurs or managers it would be a good idea to think about things like this, so when/if something does happen you are ready and prepared.


Connor said...

Preparation is key! I have had two similar experiences as to the one shared in your article. My first experience occurred when a co-worker/friend died unexpectedly two summers ago. The company was in shock for awhile, but didn't really offer much in the way of consoling. As a result, the workers grew closer to one another, but despised upper management for how they handled the situation. The second experience was when one of worker's only child drowned. However, as a company (different company than before) we have decided to make sure everyone's needs are being met. Therefore, professional consoling was provided for the man and his wife at the company's expense. Also, our company made adjustments to suite the man's needs. The result of this was an overall stronger company, because everyone (including management) pulled their efforts together. Regardless of the situation, being prepared and educated will be of great benefit.

taylor said...

I also agree with Bob. If unexpected bad things happen in your environment you need to know that there are people you can talk to and that they will be there for you. Holding in feelings about this sort of stuff will only make the situation worse.

Dr. Tufte said...

-1 on Connor's comment for spelling errors.

To my knowledge there is no evidence for or against this being a good way for managers to spend shareholders money.