Temporary Visas for Illegal Immigrants

President Bush wants to allow illegal immigrants currently working in the U.S. to get three-year visas, reported CNN. The President emphasized that temporary visas will not grant amnesty. Immigrants wishing to do reside in the U.S. permanently will still be required to complete the process of becoming citizens.

Immigrants fill many jobs that Americans are unwilling to take. Why not allow companies to hire these employees legally. President Bush said, "This new system will be more compassionate. Decent, hardworking people will now be protected by labor laws, with the right to change jobs, earn fair wages and enjoy the same working conditions that the law requires for American workers." These illegal employees will also be required to pay taxes. This would be a great benefit to the U.S. because illegal immigrants use public goods funded by citizen tax dollars.

Bush also said, "Our homeland will be more secure when we can better account for those who enter our country," he said. "Instead of the current situation, in which millions of people are unknown ... law enforcement will face few problems with undocumented workers and will be better able to focus on the true threats to our nation from criminals and terrorists," he said.

The U.S. government has been losing the battle against illegal immigration for years. I think the President's plan is a good way to combat the problem. Illegal immigration will continue despite all government efforts to stop it.


Eric said...

I think Bush is on to something here. I currently live with two illegal immigrants and it is frustrating to see how there boss treats them low wages, inconsistent payments, and lack of communication. Now I am not saying give visa to everyone but if they are trying to better there life we should help them out. If my two roommates were to have visas they could go get a better job, maybe not computer programmer but at least hamburger flipper. Plus the extra tax money would really help the government!

Ann said...

I think that this is a step in the right direction. The United States needs to monitor who is coming into the country. By issuing these Visas the US will be able to monitor the immigrants with greater ease. I also feel better about illegal immigrants getting a portion of taxpayers money when they are paying taxes as well.

Dr. Tufte said...

How is this related to ManEc?

This sort of proposal is not likely to work unless both the undocumented workers and their employers get something out of it. What precisely is each side getting?

Ronny said...

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