Last Year's Election

RollingStone wrote an article on MoveON, an Internet activist group. The Conspiracy to Keep You Poor and Stupid, by Donald L Luskin, commented on the article saying “MoveOn has raised – and burned through – tens of millions of dollars, innovating without producing many concrete results.”
MoveOn made some serious and costly blunders during last year’s election. It looks like they failed to do a cost analysis of what would happen to it when comparing Bush to Hitler. Little political profit was yielded from the thousands of dollars spent on Anti-Bush commercials.
The stock of MoveOn is dangerously overvalued. If its cost persists to outweigh its profits it is going to implode.


Josh said...

Is this blog actually acadmically affiliated with Tufte's as the name might suggest? If so, I think that intentional partisan misrepresentation of "comparing Bush to Hitler" by MoveOn should cease. MoveOn ran a contest and a person submitted their personal take on George Bush. MoveOn never endorsed, funded, or spread that person's message in any way. It is unfortunate that MoveOn was not more successful, but they were not willing to create false, slanderous ads to further their agenda like your friendly conservatives chose to do. Oh wait, I suppose for someone who chooses to be willfully ignorant of finding the truth, that subject is probably still debatable. Shall we slap an evolution is only a theory sticker on my post to justify the continuation of these practices?

Anonymous said...

You are yet another deluded loser, Josh.

Dr. Tufte said...

Well, this is interesting - Josh is not part of our class.

Josh is right though - MoveOn.org did not create the page equating Bush with Hitler. However, there were claims that MoveOn.org did not distance itself sufficiently or quickly from this content that was temporarily posted on its website.

Anyway, no matter what MoveOn.org's political position, I think that the 2004 election was probably the worst case of low marginal benefit political action this country has ever seen. All of the money spent by both sides only served to turn New Hampshire to the Democrats and Ohio to the Republicans.