Retail sales up in February

The article stated, “overall sales rose 0.5 percent last month.” I find it interesting that sales are increasing yet many people are so negative about the economic health of the country. What is the cause of the negative prospective about the economy, even though it continues to grow?


Vincent said...

I agree the economy is bullish and indicators do represent this. Also take a look at luxuary retailers for example tiffany & Co this past year has been great for them their forth quarter sales rose by 11% in 2004.

Dr. Tufte said...

-1 on Vincent's comment for spelling and capitalization errors.

I agree with the post and the comment - the view of a large portion of the public about the health of the macroeconomy appears to be negatively biased. I am not sure why this is; you have no idea how much this ticks off people that teach macroeconomics.